The new head honcho of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, was speaking about his company’s position in the search field and state he does not like not being number one. He also stated that Microsoft may be the only company that might be able to add competition to the marketplace. In a twist, Ballmer said that it may take Microsoft five years to catch up but they are heading full steam ahead.  In addition to the subject of search, Mr. Ballmer also addressed thee subjects:

The Seinfeld-Gates ads: “It was a two-week campaign but man did it get people talking for more than two weeks,” Ballmer said.

He definitely got this correct. The only word I can think of that best describes the Seinfeld-Gates ad is ‘retarded.’ 🙂

The phone business: In five to ten years, Ballmer said all of the one billion cell phones sold a year will be smartphones. He said that means that software and hardware are likely to separate, at least in the mass market. He said of the players in that area–Windows Mobile, Symbian, Linux mobile and Android–Microsoft’s is the most mature.

You may have noticed that Ballmer put Windows Mobile first. I seriously doubt that will be the case. It is also funny how he used the ‘niche’ term. Why is very other company is a ‘niche’ market except Microsoft? 🙂

On Windows-related headaches: “Every version of Windows statistically… gets better than versions before,” he said. “I’m not saying that we are there yet.”

I had to read this three times. Does Ballmer mean that Vista is not better than XP? So how long before Windows does get there? In a decade or two? 🙂

What do you think?

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