Over at ZD-Net they are citing a French source that is making a big deal out of the fact that one, yes one, single Mac Pro owner says his computer made him sick. In the article it states that testing has shown that the Mac is giving off benzene. The French article uses a translator and the language translation is somewhat difficult to understand, but the story states this:

Some models of Apple computers emit toxic fumes and the giant apple does pipe word. Un chercheur du CNRS l’a découvert à ses dépens. CNRS researcher has discovered to its cost. En février 2007, le labo du chercheur – qui souhaite rester anonyme – acquiert un Mac Pro pour l’étude de structures de molécules en 3D. In February 2007, the lab researcher – who wishes to remain anonymous – acquires a Mac Pro for the study of structures of molecules in 3D. Après l’avoir déballé, il repère une forte odeur. After unpacking, he thinks a strong odor. Dix jours plus tard, ses yeux, son nez, son larynx sont irrités. «Dès sa mise en route, l’ordinateur a distillé des substances qui, au bout d’une semaine d’utilisation, m’ont provoqué une irritation prononcée de la cornée et des voies respiratoires», raconte-t-il. Ten days later, his eyes, his nose, his larynx are frustrated. “Since its launch, the computer has distilled substances that, after a week of use, have caused irritation pronounced cornea and respiratory tract, “he says. Même à l’arrêt, l’ordinateur sent. Even stationary, the computer sent.

So what makes this story even worth reporting? The fact is that Apple has not responded to any of the inquiries made by ZD-Net who stated:

Apple doesn’t want to confirm which Mac Pro have a problem because they know users could sue them for this reason. I invite all Mac Pro owners around the world to send a letter to Apple and ask them which Mac Pro have the toxicity problem, in written form. If Apple doesn’t change its methods very fast, a class-action lawsuit may unfortunately be the next step…

Which makes one wonder. Since many of our computers are being constructed in China, and since Chine seems to struggle with quality control, whether it be milk or dog food, how do any of us know that our computers are hazardous to our health?

What do you think?

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