Dell and Paramount Pictures are joining forces to bring digital content to new computers. Consumers will have the option to have preinstalled movies loaded onto their new computers during the ordering process. Currently only Iron Man will be available, but more should be following. Dell is hoping that the new format will be successful, since previous ventures into others area outside of computer sales had come up as a dud.

The article goes on to state that:

“Iron Man” will be presented as an option to consumers as part of Dell’s personalized purchasing process, which allows buyers to customize virtually every facet of their PC from such essentials as storage capacity to stylistic touches like laptop-cover artwork. The Paramount/Marvel Entertainment film would be preinstalled on Dell’s Inspiron, Studio and XPS laptop and desktop models.

While Dell is getting started with “Iron Man” as a preload, the company eventually will broaden the selections as it signs other studios. In time, Dell likely will enable consumers to purchase films after they’ve bought computers, too.

I believe Dell is grabbing at any straw in their attempt to regain their once #1 spot which they lost to HP.

What do you think? Would you be interested in order a movie with your new PC?

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