I don’t take a lot of pictures with my digital camera because I’m just not into photography in this aspect, however, I do enjoy looking at interesting pictures just like anyone else. The Internet has made accessing and viewing pictures very simple, but most online photo galleries and slideshows are quite boring. I know that pictures are supposed to speak for themselves, but it doesn’t hurt to have some nice presentation elements thrown in for good measure. After all, an impressive presentation can make great photos seem to be even more remarkable. FotoViewr creates 3D photo galleries with images that are already on the Internet.

A number of attractive photo gallery styles are available for you to choose from, and once you’ve done that, you enter your username from Flickr or SmugMug (FotoViewr can also be used with photos on Facebook), choose the collection of pictures that you want to use, and you’re set. You’re sure to love the results, and in addition to linking people to the gallery, you can also embed it elsewhere. FotoViewr makes me want to take more pictures so I can present and share them in this way.