Almost as if on a time line set with the current financial frustration being felt out there in the world, phishing schemes are really beginning to heat up. And as per usual, the phishing schemes are heavily targeting bank customers.

This level of slime never ceases to amaze and disgust me. I grow so tired of seeing messages like this ending up in my bulk mail folder or reading stories about people being taken advantage of by this type of thing. What is interesting however, is how I am finding a growing trend that these types are using the same type of tools SEOs use to keep their sites in top Google rankings.

Not all that surprising, is that phishers (if that is a word) are also using tools like Google Trends to ensure they can catch the latest fear craze. Personally, I am waiting to see when they start sending out notices announcing bank closures followed with a request to send all that users funds to some unmarked account. Yes, it sounds insane, but these are insane times.