As our congress struggles with a bailout bill, some are now calling it a rescue bill, it is interesting to note that others around the country are seeking assistance as well. Which makes one wonder. How many of us will get bailed out? If I go down and buy something I can’t afford, I would hope that I would get some help from the federal government. After all, I am a good taxpayer and have paid my taxes in a timely matter. Should I not receive the same courtesy afforded those who have mismanaged their budgets?

GM wants help since they now understand that an electric car is not such a bad idea. They have come to the realization that the days of the big V-8 in huge SUV’s or trucks is coming to an end. GM only wants $25 billion for their missteps.

In this mornings edition of the LA Times, California’s governor says his state may also need a bailout. The governor indicates that California may run out of funds to pay state employees and others. It’s only a $7 billion loan.

So in looking at my personal finances for this year, I may spend more than I take in. Next year I want to vacation in Europe and may not have sufficient funds to do so. I just have one question?  Where do I apply to be bailed out? 🙂

What about you? Do you need some free cash?

Comments welcome.

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