Over at The Register they are stating that Microsoft is going to extend the ability of consumers to downgrade to XP, another six months. They state that the ability to downgrade will be extended until July 31, 2009. But none of the OEM’s currently involved in the downgrade process have confirmed this rumor. But does this make sense?

In a way it does. This is a lucrative way for Microsoft to continue to get revenues from their older OS, that they could lose if Windows XP was not offered. The Registry also states that:

And, according to an email sent to the employees of one OEM, Microsoft’s hardware partners are working on the company to have the July deadline extended even further. The goal seems to be to help PC users who cannot move to Windows Vista move smoothly to the next version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system, Windows 7.

Microsoft was unavailable to comment at the time of going to press.

This makes sense since many business users are locked into a system of programs that may not be compatible with Windows Vista. These business users must stay with Windows XP, at least for now, until their companies switch gears and upgrade their entire organizational software to work with Windows Vista. Again, if this is true, this is a smart move on Microsoft’s position to extend the dealing another six months.

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