As we are all aware of, the recent bailout package was filled with ‘pork’ and one of the porkers was a tax credit provision for those buying an electric vehicle which includes the GM Volt. The Volt is a electric car that you just plug in at night to recharge. The charge will take you about 40 miles or so. Once the charge runs out, the driver pushes the car to where they are oing. πŸ™‚ Just joking. There is a built into small gas motor that will recharge the batteries to get you going again. Max distance is said to be about 400 miles onΒ  about 7 gallons of gas and electric combined.

So GM not only got a $25 billion dollar loan, but now a tax incentive for folks to buy a Volt. I guess congress felt this was the time to go for broke and get in all the pork they could. Seems like another $150 billion was added to the original $700 billion. Seems fair to me.

Back to the Volt. It is nice to see are tax money being spent wisely on a GM experiment that may just help in working out the kinks during our transition to energy independence. Gee. I’m starting to sound like a politician. πŸ™‚

The tax credits are for any electric vehicle. It starts at $2300 hundred and goes up as the wattage increases.

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