This morning I saw an advertisment on the TV for a company called My Computer Works. The ad stated that the company could fix your computer remotely. So I went to their web site and found the following:

  • Reduce the time you spend dealing with computer problems
  • Improve your computer’s performance
  • Secure your personal information from outside intruders
  • Eliminate the hassle of maintaining your computer

It certainly sounds good. But I haven’t used an online company to repair a computer, since I normally do my own troubleshooting, diagnostics and repairs. But I thought maybe someone has tried this outfit, and could provide us with some information about how good or how bad they are.

I did do a quick Google search and found this under terms of service:

The Service:  MCW services include interaction with a live technician who will attempt to improve the performance of your system by modifying your personal desktop software. Exemplary services include downloading and running both fee based and free software fixes, along with manually modifying and repairing Microsoft® operating systems, including Windows 2000 and Windows XP, and Microsoft Office software, including Office 2000, Office XP/2002, Office 2003, Vista, and Office 2007 applications. Hardware, network and application support (games, business, personal productivity) beyond problem identification help is not available.  The services are only available in the English language for customers in the United States and Canada at this time.

I liked the term ‘attempt to improve the performance of your system’. But if they don’t improve your system performance, do they still charge you? These are some of the unknowns that maybe someone can answer for us.

If you have used My Computer Works, please let us know what you think.

Comments welcome.

Source – My Computer Works.