Many of us already know that using the Internet can be hazardous to the health of your computer. But over at Consumer Reports, they still are finding people making the same mistakes who should know better. There is something in our DNA that makes is curious about things, so when we are alerted to the bench with the ‘wet paint’ sign, some of us just have to touch it to confirm it is in fact wet. 🙂

Same with our computers. When we are alerted to a potential hazard, we sometimes just have to click to see if it is for real. The 7 hazards Consumer Reports list are:

  • Assuming your security software is protecting you
  • Accessing an account through an e-mail link
  • Using a single password for all online accounts
  • Downloading free software
  • Thinking your Mac shields you from all risks
  • Clicking on a pop-up ad that says your PC is insecure
  • Shopping online the same way you do in stores

Some of the hazards require an explanation. Assuming your security software is protecting you means that you think you are protected against every thing. Which may not be the case. Also it is important to keep your protections updated or they are worthless.

Downloading free software is for those freebie screen savers and other junk that gets advertised on the Internet. Downloads should only be made at trustworthy sites.

You can read each of the descriptions at the link below. Stay safe.

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Consumer Reports article.