Gnomie Chris Abraham writes:

Hello there, Chris!

I just moved back to Berlin yesterday after spending all Summer in the US attending a series of weddings, meetings, conferences, and sales talks.

When I got home to my apartment last night, my entire clock was messed up and I was totally jetlagged so I stayed up until 3 AM my time to watch the Vice Presidential debates. I was surprised and impressed by both candidates. In my opinion, both Sarah Palin and Joe Biden performed very well.

I am writing because my business partner and I are both super-interested in understanding how America’s view of Sarah Palin has developed as a result of this debate. We’re posing the poll question, “If John McCain died or became incapacitated, would Sarah Palin be competent to be President?”

Please consider voting here.

I can’t wait to see what the poll results are at the end of the campaign — there are only 31 days until the election so I am getting pretty excited and am waiting with bated breath to receive my Virginia absentee ballot. Thanks again and I appreciate your time.