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Do you have a live video stream or a podcast? If you do then you have most likely thought about the audio quality that you are sending out. Since thinking about starting a live video stream, I have been investigating what type of microphone to buy. After a lot of recommendations and viewing some streams with the Samson C01U I decided to purchase that model.

It is a very nice microphone and it was very easy to get it up and running. Simply plug it in and use the default Windows driver. I wouldn’t recommend using their driver CD as is forces you to always have their software open to use the microphone which I feel is a waste. After setting the volume once in the Windows volume control panel, I doubt you will go back to touch it at all… it really is that simple.

Sound quality to me is great. I know what I like and don’t like when it comes to audio quality but I am not an audio expert in the sense that I wouldn’t know the different between a non-condenser mic and a condenser mic. I would simply know that I prefer one sound over the other. This is really a personal view as we don’t all have the same ears, some may prefer one sound to another so make up your own mind.

The price was right, $89.99 from Daddy’s Music in NH. I was in ME with my family on vacation at the beginning of September and decided to shop around. From what I saw on Ebay, they have a podcasting kit but most are $140+. That plus shipping and most likely duties and taxes and I was looking at more than $200. The extra shock mount and pop filter are not worth that much to me. Thank you NH for no sales tax 🙂

Would I recommend the mic for other people? Absolutely yes. Really easy setup, not too expensive and great sound quality.