It seems that Microsoft is getting ready to offer Xbox 360 users external Blu-Ray drives. Price point is said to be $100 to $150 and will be manufactured by Toshiba and Samsung. Microsoft is hoping that it will be able to catch up with Sony and their PS3 units that already plays Blu-Ray disks. According to the article, it also states that:

X-bit labs is not only reporting that Microsoft is still planning on releasing an external Blu-ray drive, but also that the company already has the device ready to go.

According to the article, Toshiba (yes, you read that correctly) and Samsung have been asked to come up with the external Blu-ray solution for the Xbox 360. Rumors are also floating around claiming a $100-to-$150 price point.

With Blu-ray playback remaining as one of the few advantages the PlayStation 3 has over the Xbox 360, one would imagine Microsoft would want to release this immediately to level the Blu-ray bragging rights issue.

If this information is accurate, we’re left wondering how Microsoft will play this. Do they try and get this out in time for the holidays? Or do they wait to debut it at a show (like CES) where we’re likely to see standalone Blu-ray players fall in price anyway?

So what do you think? Will you be buying a Blu-Ray for your Xbox 360?

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