Every time a new touch screen smartphone comes out, every news writer calls it “The iPhone Killer”. I assure you that the BlackBerry Storm will not even come close to infiltrating the iPhone market. You know why? Teens think the iPhone is cool. It turns out that 8% of US teens already own an iPhone, and 22% want one. You won’t see demand like this from America’s youth for any BlackBerry product. It may appeal to some in the business world, but it won’t grab the mass appeal that Apple products often achieve.

Look at the music player market. There are many other devices that are better than iPod, but iPod still is the king. Steve Wozniak has come out and said that the iPod is dying because their products are so locked down. Apple keeps innovating though and is way ahead of everybody else. They seem to be welcoming a more open world as well. Only time will tell if they can sustain it.