Consider this:


Sarah Palin becomes president because John McCain’s medical history catches up with him. John McCain submitted 450+ pages of medical history much of which contained information on his treatment for cancer. That plus the fact that the man is 72 years old, the presidency ages even the most healthy of individuals and it does not bode well for McCain’s chances of longevity. What kind of security does that give you?


To date I have watched each of the debates and have been sadly disappointed in McCain’s and Palin’s performances. Both of them seemed coached on what to say and when asked direct questions Palin actually refused to answer those she was uncomfortable with. To me that meant she had no idea how to answer them and had been instructed to stay away from such questions.


Additionally, the negative campaigning going on by the Republican party leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If the GOP actually has answers to the serious questions of how to correct the economy, deal with health care, and the energy crisis, why do we have to continually hear about the surge. Personally, I could care less about George Bush’s war or the warmongering lingo of John McCain. I need to know how the candidate who takes office is going to deal with the criminality of companies like AIG who spent taxpayers bail out money to enjoy $23,000 massages at a costly resort in CA.


As a taxpayer, I do understand that we are in a global crisis that needs to be addressed and that we as taxpayers are going to be forced to bail out these companies who profited off the middle class for all these years but now are crying because they made poor decisions. As a small business owner I have never expected the federal government to come to my aid and bail me out. If money got tight, employees were paid, then creditors were paid, and lastly my family was provided for.


I believe it is ludicrous that these large corporations can gouge the regular citizen with outrageous premiums for home, car, and health care insurances, paying themselves large dividends, wages and severance packages and then whine when we don’t want to bail them out. One CEO refused to return a severance package that amounted to over $400 million dollars. Give me a break he failed. To me that means he deserves unemployment like the employees his poor decision making put out of work.


I sincerely think that if the American people were not racist and if the Republican party wasn’t encouraging that kind of thinking with derogatory remarks like McCain’s to Senator Obama (That One) or calling a cameraman boy there would be no race at all for the presidency. No I am not Afro-American. I am not a liberal, a communist, an atheist, a Muslim, or a terrorist. I am a 56 year old Caucasian woman who believes that if any open-minded person took the time to read Senator Obama’s platform and compare it to what the GOP are promoting you would see that anything good being proposed by the GOP has been stolen from Obama including their new mantra of Change.


As you can probably guess I will be voting for Obama. I sincerely believe that his pairing with Biden bodes as well as can be expected for this country after eight years of Bush’s policies that have landed our country in this mess in the first place. Remember Clinton had us out of debt, we were not at war, and the rest of the world did not all hate us.


The bottom line is if you want to stay in the mess we are currently in and endure four more years of Bush policy vote for Sarah since it is likely that she will be president by the end of the four years. If you want real change vote for Senator Obama and give the country a real chance to regain its position in the world.