When you want to search the Internet for something, what do you do? Do you only use one search engine or do you look for results on multiple search engines? Various approaches have different results, but in most cases, you’re trusting machines to tell you what’s best. These machines really do a great job, but they’re not perfect. Social intervention can dramatically enhance the results produced by computers, and Scour encourages all of us to search socially. 

The nice thing about Scour is that it doesn’t completely discount search results from the traditional search engines, but instead, it builds upon them. For instance, you can view results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN, plus the results can be voted up and down and commented on so that Scour users can get perspectives on them from fellow users. After all, some human beings have at least a little more common sense than computers. Scour has also developed a points system that rewards you with Visa gift cards when you use the site to the fullest extent and invite your friends, but the amount of points that you have to accumulate is so high and will take so long to reach that you’re better off using what works best for you without settling if you don’t like what Scour has to offer.