Those people who were eager to be the first to get their free copy of Open Office 3, are now having to wait since the servers for the download crashed. It seems that the system could not handle the volume of those wishing to be the first Open Office 3 users. So what is Open Office?

Open Office 3 is an open source software that is similar to Microsoft Office minus some of the bells and whistles. The main attraction to Open Office is that it is free. The artcile at The Register also states:

Version 3.0, which has been available via several major mirror sites since Saturday evening, supports the OpenDocument Format 1.2 standard, and can also open files (“docx”) created with Microsoft’s Office 2007 and Office 2008 for Mac OS X. It also features a new Start Centre, icons and zoom control in the status bar.

Pretty nifty stuff, and it’s free – well, that is when you can get on the site and successfully download it.

Which always make me wonder. What do we expect from free software? I recall when Firefox was trying to set the world record for downloads and their servers crashed. I don’t believe too many folks were upset since we all knew that the software was free. Same with Open Office.

What do you think?

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