Sometimes we take how easy it is to directly communicate with people from all over the world online for granted. E-mail is something that most of us probably couldn’t live without, and instant messaging has made immediate communication even more immediate. Online audio and video chat is now such a commonplace thing that we don’t even think twice about the fact that we’re seeing and hearing someone speak in real time from any location in the world while the discussion is taking place. We sure are spoiled, and TokBox is only going to help spoil us even more. 

With TokBox, you can have live video conversations with your friends online, and you don’t even need any desktop software to do it. They do provide a desktop solution if you’d like to use it, but all you have to do as a TokBox member is send someone a link and they can use it to start talking with you. Unlike some of the other competing services, TokBox also enables you to post a TokBok widget anywhere online so that people can talk to you immediately whenever and wherever they access the widget.