It’s safe to say that the iconic Toyota Prius isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. While legions of fans love Toyota’s least expensive and most fuel-efficient hybrid, many folks simply can’t stand the styling. While the shape of the car is based upon aerodynamics rather than the stylistic whims of the designers, that’s beyond the scope of many. In the end, it all come down to gas mileage.

There’s no question that when it comes to the official EPA estimates, the Toyota Prius’ gas mileage tops the charts. What it does in the real world, however, is up to the interpretation of each individual driver.

Folks who drive the Prius with little or no regard to the on-board displays will likely achieve lower then expected results. Those who take the time to learn how to drive the Prius for optimal efficiency, should have no problem exceeding the official estimates.

50 MPG in the city and at speeds under 40 MPH isn’t a pipedream once you understand how it all works.

It’s all in the way you drive.

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