My new Toshiba laptop arrived yesterday afternoon and since than I have been loading up my stuff as I had previously described. If you didn’t read my previous article, this is the unit I purchased here. Here are a few things I did learn in the past 24 hours that I had stated in my previous article here about preparing for Vista.

1. The system came with Vista Home Premium with SP1, so I didn’t have to fool with the SP1 update.

2. Following the recommendations, Office 2003 is working just fine. I installed Office 2003 and than SP3, prior to opening any of 2003 software programs, and all worked perfectly.

3. Vista downloaded and installed all the newest drivers for me, so I didn’t even need to use the drivers I had previously downloaded.

4. Everything else I had previously mentioned went flawlessly. The only thing I didn’t do was to upgrade to Vista Ultimate. I think for right now I’m going to stick with Vista Home Premium and see how it goes. I will be making a decision in 30 days whether to stay with Vista or downgrade to XP.

5. One problem I did have. I had trouble getting my profile from Firefox working. So I finally found a program you may wish to try called MozBackup. It worked flawlessly and I am up and running using Firefox writing this blog article.

You can get a copy of MozBackup from this link.

Comments welcome.