We are proud to announce that Cadco Systems Inc. is now a PGP Global Bronze Partner.  PGP Corporation represents the industry leader in email and complete data encryption software.  We now offer our clients a complete encryption solution for both Macintosh and Windows environments.

PGP Corporation is a global leader in email and data encryption software for Enterprise Data Protection. Based on a unified key management and policy infrastructure, the PGP® Encryption Platform offers the broadest set of integrated applications for enterprise data security. PGP® platform-enabled applications allow organizations to meet current needs and expand as security requirements change for email, laptops, desktops, instant messaging, smartphones, network storage, file transfers, automated processes, and backups. PGP® encryption solutions have earned a reputation for innovative, standards-based, trusted solutions currently used by more than 110,000 enterprises, businesses, and governments worldwide, including 96 percent of the Fortune® 100, 74 percent of Fortune® Global 100, 80 percent of the German DAX Index and 71 percent of the United Kingdom FTSE 100 Index. Customers depend on PGP solutions as part of a regulatory and audit compliance solution, to protect confidential information, secure customer data, and safeguard companies’ brands and reputations.

PGP products are designed to be both user- and network-friendly. They have earned a reputation for excellence based on their high technical standards and the practical experience of long-term users. PGP Corporation is committed to standards-based, nonproprietary technologies, ensuring broad compatibility among deployments. In addition, PGP Corporation is the only commercial security vendor to publish its product source code for peer review.