It is kind of a silly question. Who wouldn’t want a computer that came on instantly. But this was the survey Microsoft sent out to a select few asking if they would like ‘instant on’ in their future computers. But before you think that ‘instant on’ means full access to the entire operating system, this would not be the case.

Asus has a ‘instant on’ laptop but it uses Linux to provide quick access to a sub set of features, i.e. email and access to the internet. It is highly unlikely that Microsoft would consider Linux as a quickie access feature on a Windows computer.

Though no one is sure what Microsoft has in mind, it be have something to do with the next version of Windows which will be called Windows 7. Oh yeah. Why will it be called Windows 7? Because it will be the seventh version of Windows.

What do you think? Would you want an ‘instant on ‘ computer? Even one that used Linux?

Comments welcome.