For the past three days running, I have been receiving fake Newegg notification messages which look like the one below:

GreetingsGood day,

Thanks for you order.

BFG Tech GeForce GTX 280 BFGEGTX2801024OCE Video Card – Retail – $58

You can check you order status at the folowing link:

Best regards,
NewEgg Shop Support.

So far the messages have stated that I have bought a video card, a motherboard and a cpu. What is fortunate for me is that I know that I have not ordered these items. On the flip side it is disturbing since I am receiving these messages at my home email address and not my gmail throw away, which is used for ordering, including ordering from Newegg.

I thought I would pass this on just as a precaution.

Comments welcome.

Note: The address above has been changed.