HP is turning to touch screen technology to try and boost their sales figure. HP is scheduled to introduce more touch screen laptop and netbook computers before years end. HP is hoping that touch screens will turn around a sluggish computer market and hopefully turn around what could be a slow holiday sales for new computer systems.

According to WSJ article it also states that:

H-P began promoting touch screens last year with a big-screen desktop computer called the TouchSmart. The Palo Alto, Calif., company introduced a revamped TouchSmart this year, with new software and a new external design and has recently ramped up its effort to market the computer.

The touch-sensitive screens allow PC users to move items around, surf the Web or open files with their fingertips, replacing functions normally performed by a mouse and keyboard.

If HP is successful with their touch screens, it may spur companies such as Dell to go with touch screens also. We have discussed this technology before with some liking it and other not going for the idea.

What do you think? Will there be a touch screen in your future?

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