Somewhere between the very short life spans of certain Linux distributions, and the now very lengthy commitment  that Microsoft has given to Windows XP is a happy medium.

A discussion on ZDNet, has made many assumptions, and lays out the confirmed long life of Windows XP, right next to an article that states that, most likely, the millions of poor unfortunates that have been saddled with Vista will be needing to upgrade to ‘7’ sooner than the normal Microsoft product life cycle would indicate.

Further, on the same page is a picture of Steve Ballmer, that shy, misunderstood guiding light, with a caption stating that it is now alright for most businesses to blow off Vista, and just move to ‘7’, as it will be so much better than Vista so as to make any comparison extremely difficult.


By Microsoft’s own admission, ‘7’ is basically supposed to be Vista, after fumigation, and with the addition of Master Yoda’s Bill’s last act of generosity, touch screen utility.

So which is it to be? Vista, made ready for prime time (finally), or wondrous new system, with only sections of the user interface shared.

Knowing the inertia of the halls of Redmond, the former is most likely the case, rather than the latter. As for the user’s of Vista, the very best thing Microsoft could do is have a firm plan in place that gives amnesty to the fools that purchased Vista outright, and grants them a nearly full pardon, with attending upgrade to 7 at negligible cost, while at the same time giving the newer OS free to those who had no choice when it was included on a hardware purchase.

By spreading this good will, Microsoft could stem the tide of those departing from the loyal , and at the same time, bolster is wavering stock price.

Wouldn’t that be great? How about it, Steve? Are you going to be our friend, Steve ‘Luke Skywalker’ Ballmer, or revert to type and become the evil ‘Darth Ballmer’?

Quote of the day:
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