I have heard the reports over and over. And today, it seems that these reports I kept hearing about are becoming more substantial. As this article explains, city employees in Washington D.C. apparently will be using the business class version of Google apps. Makes sense from an economic perspective and to be frank, drives home my suspicion that what users might want vs what a budget dictates are two very different things.

For some reason, completely beyond me, people like the UI to the latest version of MS Office. I prefer the older UI versions myself, which explains why I do well with Open Office I suppose. But I think that most of us can agree that Google apps definitely are simple enough that anyone can use them. I would even go so far as to say I am beginning to find them easier to navigate than Open Office or MS Office at this point, with extra emphasis against Open Office Calc.

This being said, I still believe the notion that using Google Gears with its its 32 bit only support and dependence on javascript…sucks, for lack of a better word.

Think I am wrong, maybe I am. Hit the comments and set me straight on this.