Here we go again. With the stock market in a roller coaster ride, and with Yahoo trying to hang in there, it appears we could be in another Microsoft-Yahoo head butting contest once again. Depending on which rumors you choose to believe, Yahoo may be cutting their payroll by saying good bye to some 3,000 or 3,500 employees come December 10, 2008.

But Steve Ballmer is indicating that Yahoo may still be in the hunt. He is quoted as saying that:

While there may be “continuing opportunities” to pursue a partnership for Internet-search advertising, there are no discussions now, Ballmer said today at a Gartner Inc. conference in Orlando, Florida.

It is bad enough we get clobbered every day with sad economic news, home foreclosures, endless political commercials, even having to watch George W. say nothing at his morning economic briefings. But the Yahoo-Microsoft junk is enough to make a billy goat puke.

Just my 2 cents.

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