After a more restful night and hearty breakfast at sleep at 9 Beaches, we packed up and headed over to Pompano Beach Club for the remainder of our stay. Unlike the rustic cottage feel of 9 Beaches, Pompano Beach Club is a truly world-class resort, but with a casual, family-oriented twist.

Upon arrival, we were able to get a personal tour from Larry Lamb, the General Manager, and get into our ocean-front room a little early. We changed and headed out to the pool for an hour or two, then changed up for a ferry ride to Hamilton, Bermuda’s largest city. Pompano Beach Club offers a shuttle to the Rockaway ferry dock, which saved us from the expensive taxi systems.

The 30 minute ferry ride offers an excellent view of the interior of Bermuda’s long, narrow island. Bermuda is surprisingly green and seemingly undeveloped from the interior view. That’s true, however, until you approach Hamilton. Perhaps once a sleepy town, the bustling city has received a complete facelift, especially the waterfront, due to the influx of financial institutions. Similar to Dubai, Bermuda has attracted large companies to its island with favorable tax and other financial incentives.

The result is a beautiful, yet busy city, full of friendly locals and expats. Once off the ferry, we walked around the downtown area, stopping by Victoria Park and Fort Hamilton, a mid 1800s British fortification that was abandoned before completion after the America Civil War. In the 1960s, the city reclaimed and renovated Fort Hamilton as a lush tropical garden. After a few pictures, we returned to the ferry and Pompano Beach Club for a spectacular sunset and dinner.