You have to see this in order to fully appreciate the size of this tiny netbook. The iKit features a 2.8″ screen along with a keyboard. The system is said to be an alternative somewhere between a phone, pda, netbook, laptop or whatever else you wish to compare it to. But the system is so small that the keyboard could be problematic.

According to this article it also states that:

The stylish iKIT is a dedicated chat, email and internet accessory and unlike smartphones it is fully optimised for that purpose. The clamshell design provides users with a full keyboard and landscape screen that don’t have to be compromised for voice calls. Dedicated hotkeys for all of the applications, including a music and video player and webcam, coupled with the elegant design mean that iKIT is the ultimate, portable multimedia device.

Take a look at this new mini wonder and let us know what you think.

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