Apple continues its assault on Microsoft and their Vista operating system, which also includes TV commercials which make the PC guy seem even dumber. This morning I viewed an ad in which the PC guy had a large red button, which when pushed, provided a sound in which to block out the word Vista when spoken by the Mac guy. It was poorly done in my opinion, and is starting to show just how silly these ads are becoming.

It was bad enough when we had to put up with the ads from Microsoft featuring Seinfeld and Gates. Now Microsoft is using the ‘I’m a PC’ ads, which also offer very little value. It now appears that Apple is lowering themselves as well, with their latest ads.

In a recent article that I read, the writer stated:

Me, I’d like to see ads from both Apple and Microsoft that point out ways in which their products make consumers happier and more productive, not ones which snipe at each others’ marketing campaigns. And oh yeah: Yes, it is funny to see Apple mock another technology company for spending vast amounts of money on advertising…

I agree 100%. Microsoft and Apple seem to be stooping down to the level of recent political ads, which are full of down right lies and deceit. It makes one wonder how intelligent human beings really think that any intelligent person believes these outrageous commercials that steer clear of anything of real value.

What do you think? Do you take any of these commercials seriously?

Comments welcome.