There is not a week that goes by, that someone, somewhere, is not posting or blogging about a disabled Google account. The disabling of a Gmail account prohibits a user from not only using Gmail itself, but all of Google’s programs including Doc’s, Google Adsense, and other features. What continues to be disturbing is the amount of time it takes to get your account reactivated.

Yes I know. These Google accounts are free. Yes, Google doesn’t need to provide support quickly. Yes we can switch to another system. But is this feasible for some folks or company? Not always. This one blog site explains the problems one company faced.

Since Google has decided to take my account away from me, the nucleus of our company communications has been taken away and now is replaced by a black hole. My small business communications are now ruined until my account is reestablished.

Furthermore, my clients all contact me via email addresses associated with my Google Account. Now, when these clients attempt to contact me, or send over time sensitive documents or reports, these emails are now send to a voided account, and now, since Google has decided to block my Google Account, GMail is now serving this negative message to my clients and business associates :

“Technical details of permanent failure: Account disabled”

Thank you Google, you have shone a most negative light on my business with my clients.

Overall I am a Google fan boy. But when this happened to me and my account was disabled, it was a real pain trying to get the account activated by sending emails to Google. I personally believe that Google has the means and money to provide phone support to assist us users in getting our accounts back in working order.

Just my two cents.

Comments welcome.