When my cheap paper shredder gave up the ghost recently, it sent my daily routine into a tailspin. I’m not obsessed with paper shredding … it’s just that shredding the junk mail is a morning ritual. I guess I shouldn’t complain. The cheap paper shredder I bought at Staples lasted roughly three and a half years.

The clerk at the register had asked if I wanted to buy an extended warranty. I decided not to do so, as it was a ridiculously cheap shredder.

If it breaks … well, twenty bucks a pop sure seems like it falls into the disposable razor range … come to think of it, maybe I’ll pick up a spare and store it out in the shed

So here I am down in Kingstone (er, Staples) again … looking for another cheap shredder.

Only this time, nothing seems to be on sale.

I might not go for the bargain basement model, this go round. But I’ll probably skip that extended warranty again. Now if I could just find a way to turn all that junk mail into fireplace logs …