If you haven’t been to the Dell business web site, you may not be famaliar with Dell’s downgrade policy, as accepted by Microsoft. If a user buys a Dell busniness system with either Vista Business or Vista Ultimate, they can downgrade to Windows XP Pro for an additional $99.00. But over at the Valleywag web site, they noticed something that is worthy of mentioning.

When Dell originally mentioned the downgrade policy, the cost was $50.00. Now the price has been raised to $99. You have to look at it this way. Not only does Microsoft get to sell a copy of Vista, built into the price of the system, but also a copy of XP Pro as well. Not a bad deal for Dell and Microsoft, but not so sweet for the consumer.

Valleywag also showed a screen with the pricing scheme.

So what do you think? Deal or no deal?

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