When I first discovered mind mapping, I thought I would start frequently creating mind maps of my own, but here we are now and I still haven’t used mind mapping to its fullest potential. This method of visually organizing information is very intriguing to me, and I’ve personally seen speakers give lengthy discourses based off of one sheet of paper containing a mind map. The structure makes sense, and even though the process of creating a mind map may seem complex, it can actually be very simple. You don’t need complicated mind mapping software when you can just use Text 2 Mind Map. 

If you can type some text, then you can create a mind map with Text 2 Mind Map. The example on the site will show you the format that the text needs to be in, and basically you’ll just have to selectively indent some text to make everything work. Trust me, you’ll understand how it works when you see it. Once your mind map is generated, you can then drag all of the elements around and change the font options and colors. The mind map can be downloaded as an image as soon as these final touches have been made.