It was bound to happen. At some point after a ton of faithful use, my installation of the Antair Spam Filter for my BlackBerry suddenly seemed to stop working. To be fair however, it happened after I made some fairly hefty changes with a server move on one of my POP email accounts, so it stands to reason that created at least a part of the problem.

Thinking this problem out as logically as one being bombarded with spam can be expected to do, I opted to take a stab at simply reinstalling the application over the top of the existing install, much like you might with any PC software. The result was seeing my old spam settings working as they should again. Needless to say, there was much joy to be had.

What exactly created the problem in the first place? This continues to have me stumped as it was only the single POP account that I had changed servers on that seemed to be struggling to obey the existing spam rules set forth by the Antair system. But hey, at least I know that the fix is but an OTA (over the air) application install away, right? Can’t complain about that.