Bill Gates has started a new mysterious company called bgC3 in Kirkland, Washington. According to Todd Bishop, the company may be a think tank for new developments in the science and technology fields. Gates started this new company right after he departed from Microsoft. But what is not known about the company is whether it will develop ideas just for Microsoft.

The bg in the name stands for Bill Gates. The company logo is plain and simple.

Todd also mentions the following in his article:

Federal trademark filings provide more clues – describing bgC3 as a think tank, under a generic trademark classification that corresponds broadly to areas including “scientific and technological services,” “industrial analysis and research,” and “design and development of computer hardware and software.”

But what does bgC3 mean? The logical assumption might be “Bill Gates Company Three” – his third enterprise after Microsoft and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. But that’s only partially right, according to the Gates insider.

The “bg” is Bill Gates, the insider says, but the “C” stands for “catalyst.” The idea is that Gates will play that role as he brings together new people and ideas. The “three” reflects the notion of a third place, apart from Microsoft and the foundation.

It should be interesting to see what Bill Gates come up with from this think tank. Hopefully it will be some ideas to help solve our energy crisis.

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