Dell has admitted to a minor hardware error in which some Dell Mini 9 models, may only show a hard disk size of 4GB. The problem is for systems with 8GB and 16GB using the Linux operating system only. Dell is recommending that Linux users repartition the hard disk and reinstall Linux to correct the problem.

At ITProPortal they state the following information:

In a statement issued on its website, Dell claims that it has rectified the error which had occurred in its earlier Ubuntu based versions of Mini9 which was attributed to a disk imaging utility used by engineers at Dell during the Setup process.

The issue came into light when some early recipients of the Mini9 found that they have been supplied with a device that displays a lower storage that what had been mentioned in the specs.

So I went over to the Dell site where the Mini 9 is being sold and took a look at some of the reviews. It seems that most people are enjoying their mini. One comment stated that:

OK, I have waited a few days to write my review. After reading a lot of reviews and suggestions, I took a couple. Uncompress your hard drive – You do not lose much at all in space. I currently have XP and Office enterprise installed as well as several other programs. Still have almost 9GB available. I was impressed with the speed at first, now with the uncompress it is even faster – 21 seconds to boot! Ultra light, great screen (although non-glossy option would have been nice. Battery – easily 3 hours of constant use.

If you are the owner of one of Dell’s Mini 9 let us know what you think.

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