Mr. Black left his product worries behind for a few days and drove from LA to the Bay area in Yellow Bird, including a shot across his favorite road in California. Final destination? Chevron’s research center in Richmond, CA, on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. Chevron had invited 15 online journalists to participate in a day of presentations and Q&A about Chevron’s fuel additive, Techron.

Mr. Black has long been a Mobil man because a former Mobil CEO bought one of the race cars Mr. Black helped develop in the Nineties, one of those infamous R cars. But allegiance has changed. You can see the PDF posted to decide for yourself. Mr. Blue and Mr. Black both have their professional work scrutinized by corporate lawyers, so they know Chevron couldn’t make the claims if Techron were snake oil.

Based on the research Mr. Black saw and you can see for yourself in the PDF, Chevron’s Techron additive is the real deal and can dramatically clean the injectors, valves and combustion chambers of a modern engine. Mr. Blonde was sold on it long ago, it turns out.

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Support Documents
Here are the PDF files mentioned in the show:

TECHRON Concentrate Plus (3.53MB)

TECHRON Tech Tour: Chevron-Richmond Technology Center (1.83MB)

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