Last evening I was at a social event and during the course of the conversation a question came up about 64 bit vs 32 bit Windows and other software. The question involved in what direction were consumers leaning and what was Microsoft doing to implement 64 bit computing? Good question. To which I did not have a definitive answer.

As many of you already know, I bought a new laptop computer. The CPU is 64 bit but the OS that came with the system was 32 bit Windows Vista. I am guessing that the 32 bit version of Windows was included to keep the price down. I saw some units advertised that came with 64 bit Windows Vista and the pricing was significantly higher than for 32 bit Windows.

But I haven’t seen a huge push by Microsoft for using 64 bit anything. It seems that Microsoft got to involved trying to convince the world how good Vista is. To much energy on silly commercials that no one understands. Now Ballmer says it is OK to skip Vista and go on to Windows 7. Which begs one to ask. What is going on with 64 bit Windows and other 64 bit programs?

Share your knowledge with us and let us know if you use 64 bit anything and what your experience has been.

Comments welcome.