The Internet has become a lot more interesting since the explosion of blogs empowered regular people to comment on the content that they find online. It’s interesting to read what other people have to say, but it’s even better when you can hear what people have to say and see them while they say it. Yes, video comments are the next step in online commenting thanks in large part to advancements by Seesmic, however, Bubble Comment moves beyond the idea of commenting on specific posts and expands it to include commenting on entire Web sites.

You provide the URL that you want to comment on, record your video message, and then share the link that is provided with others so that they can see the Web site with your video comment bubble attached to it. I can think of a variety of situations in which this would be useful, but it’s worth noting that with the free version your messages can only be thirty seconds long, and there are limitations in terms of the number of times a message can be played and how long it remains active. Users who want more flexibility can check out the paid version, although the free version should be sufficient for most people.