In China Microsoft has been battling piracy of its software products for years. I recall reading where in Beijing, Windows Vista sells on the street for as little as $2. But with Microsoft’s new Genuine Advantage program, some Chinese users are finding their systems have been hacked. The users are posting on blogs that Microsoft has hacked their computers and they now have a black screen which appears ever hour.

In China the bloggers are up in arms and have even asked the Chinese government to make Microsoft stop hacking their computers. The article also states that:

Dong Zhengwei, 35, a Beijing lawyer, has complained to the public security ministry, describing the software giant as the “biggest hacker in China, with its intrusion into users’ computer systems without their agreement or any judicial authority”.

He told the official China Daily newspaper that he believed the measure breached China’s criminal law, adding: “I respect the right of Microsoft to protect its intellectual property, but it is taking on the wrong target with wrong measures. They should target producers and sellers of fake software, not users.”

The China Software Industry Association said it also planned to take action against Microsoft, with director Chen Chong telling China Daily that the measure was “very bad”.

So what do you think? Do the Chinese people have a right to protest what Microsoft is doing? Or does Microsoft have the right to protect their property?

Comments welcome.