Google is taking on Facebook after the social network refused to allow Google’s Friend Contact on their site. Now that Google has their new phone, it seems that the search giant is not going to allow Android development of any software that can be used for Facebook users. Google may be trying to get back at Facebook in their decision and this could impact the social networking site. Or is it Facebook that is ignoring Google’s Android and their new phone?

Over at TechCrunch their article states that:

So why no Andoid app? The official reason is that Facebook is looking to others to develop these applications. Joe Hewitt pushed the iPhone app internally, a spokesperson says, and RIM built the app themselves (but Facebook lent engineers). Google or third parties are free to use the Facebook API to build apps using Facebook services, the spokesperson said.

But the off record discussions I’m having with others at Facebook tell a different story. One source derisively called Android “vaporware”. Another source at Facebook says “Android sucks, it doesn’t matter.”

Sounds like they’ve reached their decision.

So now the question is how will this affect you the user who chooses to purchased a Google phone? Do you care whether Facebook is supported or not? Share your thoughts.

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