I’ve been on this planet nearly thirty years and I’ve followed every presidential election since I can remember. I supported George H. W. Bush as a child because he was what the country needed to close out the Cold War. I supported and actually campaigned for Bill Clinton in the sixth grade on the premise that George H. W. Bush raised taxes when he campaigned on the premise he wouldn’t. I stood in an auditorium of my peers and spoke out for Bob Dole based on the fact that Bill Clinton was not what was morally right for the country (myself and a friend were booed out of that auditorium). I supported George W. Bush because Al Gore was not what the country needed in a time of great economic uncertainty that was apparent at the end of the Clinton administration. I then supported George W. Bush again for a myriad of issues to include John Kerry’s flip-flopping on the issues. I have now voted (absentee in the great state of Florida) for John McCain because, let’s face it folks, Barack Obama scares the life out of me.

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