I mentioned this last month and it seems that the NY Times agrees. Pricing on TV’s are set to fall as we approach Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. For the readers who are outside of the U.S., Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday in which family gather and usually have a turkey for the main course. The holiday celebrates when the Pilgrims arrived in America and broke bread with the Native Americans.

With economic times hitting harder than first suspected and with little faith in the current lame duck administration to solve our economic woes, retailers may be offering steep discounts on TV’s. According to the NY Times articles they are predicting the following price drops:

Paul Gagnon, DisplaySearch’s director of North American TV market research, predicts the following prices in the coming weeks:

19-inch high definition LCD: $199
32-inch HD LCD: $399-$499
40-inch 1080p LCD: $799-$999
42-inch HD plasma: $599-$699
50-inch HD plasma: $899-$999

So keep your eyes open for some excellent buys coming your way around turkey day.

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