It’s a touchy subject, censorship on the Internet. And while no one (outside of sickos) wants to see ready access to websites containing Warez or other illegal content, censorship for content that is NOT deemed illegal by most first world nations is treading on dangerous turf.

Outside of the obvious issue with regard to freedom of speech and the potential for a select few deciding what is acceptable website viewing and what is not (politics, anyone?), there are other practical problems with implementing such a filter in Australia.

  • Serious lag. It has been stated in a number of instances where initial tests indicate a performance decrease of up to 20%.
  • Waste of money. Seriously, would these same funds not be better spent elsewhere?
  • False positives. This is a huge issue. Imagine the sheer number of problems that will arise. Imagine what happens when Lockergnome, Digg among other websites suddenly become blacklisted because a keyword or phrase sets off one of the many filters to be implemented.
  • Who decides what is inappropriate? Based on what I am able to discern, commercial filter vendors. Even more comically, these vendors believed to be American.

Any Aussies out there care to share their love for this new effort being passed off in your homeland? It’s your Internet, too. Are you willing to fight for it?