Yesterday I posted an article concerning the prices of TV’s falling as we approach Black Friday. Reader Jeff sent me a link to a site that has additional predictions on what they feel may happen this year. It does appear that this could be a great time to buy a TV or other appliances.

What I learned on my own, and what concurs with the Black Friday predictions, is that you need to be a smart shopper. I had mentioned yesterday that Best Buy & Circuit City had the 42′ Panasonic Plasma 720p TV on sale for $799. I thought this was a good price until I found that Amazon had it for $764 and free shipping. The 50′ Panasonic Plasma 720p at Best Buy is on sale for $998. 🙂

On the site it states:

With HDTVs, there is a very large amount on variation in quality. In many cases, the lowest-priced models on Black Friday are stripped-down models made exclusively for that retailer’s sale. In many cases they lack features and the quality components used to manufacture higher priced models. That doesn’t necessarily mean that these deals aren’t great – it’s just a case of buyer beware. You should not expect $2,000 performance from a $500 HDTV.

Which is good advice. You need to know exactly what you are purchasing before you order a TV online.

What do you think?

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Source – Predictions For Black Friday