While on the stump today, John McCain was spewing all the usual rhetoric concerning Barack Obama, and then, out of nowhere, told the audience that he would never push back the beginning of a World Series game for an infomercial.

See title.

John McCain is only not doing it because he doesn’t have the money to do it, and, as it has been stated on CBS and NBC, the Obama campaign has bought up almost all available air time, as he has such huge sums of money to spend. {Who would have thought a Democrat could ever outspend a Republican? Certainly not this writer.}

Obviously, if McCain had wanted to go forth with a 30 minute address to the nation, he should have cut back on the negative and false attack ads. He certainly had enough money at the beginning of this month.

One thing about this, there has been more money spent – in total – on this campaign than any other in history. I believe this is wrong, and think that since we,  the public, ostensibly own the airwaves, each candidate should be given a certain amount of airtime on every network – not a ridiculous amount – but perhaps just what Senator Obama has purchased, one 30 minute segment, to be given the week before the election.  Guaranteed time on the public airwaves would make it much easier to sell the idea of limited campaign spending across the country.

I would also like to see ads that not only say ‘and I approve this ad’ but, ‘the assertions set forth in this ad have been verified by [insert fact checking mechanism here]’.

What do you think?

Quote of the Day:
For greed, all nature is too little.
–Seneca, Roman statesman and author

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