There is no question that using Google Apps is an acquired taste. The same might be said for using OpenOffice. But overall, people are finding that MS Office remains the standard as it is what people know. This being said, I am still not totally clear where Microsoft is headed in its new Office as a service idea?

Collaboration — sure, however others already do this and do it for free. So does Microsoft, with the understanding that the user is still using a paid local app on their desktop. And there is the rub — based on my understanding, in order to gain the full benefit, Microsoft is still pushing the local applications which believe cost entirely too much… still.

But never mind that, I am still working to find out why I am going to use MS Office products in the Web space as well as in the local space? Oh yeah, because it integrates nicely with the familiar. I can see value there.

So what do you think? Does Microsoft have a real shot at success with their online office concept? Hit the comments.