When you either buy a copy of Windows 7 or get a copy preinstalled on a new computer, there will be some features that will not be present. What will be gone is Live Mail the replacement for Outlook Express. Also gone will be Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker. So what is the reason for Microsoft to remove these from Windows 7?

Microsoft believes that it will force users to go to their Windows Live site where the software can be downloaded for free. Also Microsoft will have available other software for you. When I first read about this my first thought was why?

It seems that Microsoft feels that once users go to their Windows Live site, they may be tempted to use their other software, such as MSN search, and that they will be able to lure some users away from Google. Good luck with that. I think this may annoy a few folks when they have to download features that were previously included with Vista.

But what do you think?

Comments welcome.


PS Correction. Microsoft is not ready to release the pre-beta of Windows 7 to selected testers as of yet.