I had previously mentioned in another post that I was considering giving Vonage a try and I received some great comments. So I ordered Vonage and thought I would share my experience with you. Thanks to Marc aka ‘the oracle’ for his advice. I did connect the Vonage modem to my wireless router and all worked just great. Also to Kevin who gave me the idea to connect Vonage to my home wiring. Two thunbs up! 🙂

Vonage sent me the Motorola upgraded modem at no additional cost. The modem comes with a display screen so you can view who is calling and also keeps track of missed calls. I followed the directions exactly and in about ten minutes I had a dial tone. FWIW – I connected the modem directly to my wireless router and as Marc stated, it didn’t interfere with my wireless setup at all.

I ran this setup for a few days without any problems. So I decided to try what Kevin recommended. I disconnected my phone service at the junction box, and connected the Vonage modem directly to my home phone wiring. Perfect. The cordless phone in the kitchen we previously used on POTS worked immediately. Also the connection from my Dish Network also worked. This is a nice feature because when someone calls their number appears directly on our TV.

So there you have it. Vonage for me is working just fine.

Comments welcome.